I decided to take the week off from running to let my leg/nerve issue get better and it’s been helping a lot. I’m still actively closing my Apple Watch rings everyday, simply because I’m so active at work. Gonna go on my first run tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

I’ve made two IGTV videos for the @fourbrewers IG account, and I’m into it. What’s annoying me about the app the most so far is auto-play video. Arg! Also, brands shouldn’t just crop their 16:9 video to portrait. Create and don’t be lazy.

I need to go for a run. I've been out of it for a few weeks due to my foot issues. I ran two miles yesterday and really enjoyed it, even though my foot didn't.

After doing a few live streams on twitch, I totally understand the appeal of both streaming live and watching live streaming gaming. It's cool having an audience and it motivates you to try harder to play better for them. It's fun.

I missed my move goal yesterday by 1 calorie and broke my 175 day streak. My own fault for playing video games all day, I guess.

Cute With Chris was one of the earliest video podcasts I ever got into. His show was ahead of its time and so damn funny.


Spent the entire day moving the podcast video and audio streaming setup to the 2008 Mac Pro. I was using my MacBook Pro and iMac to stream everything, thus cluttering my podcast space. Now, it’s just this. 🙏


This week is about productivity and creativity. I have two podcasts to edit, some short 2-3 min clips to record, a few videos to edit, a couple videos to record, and some items that need to ship to beer folks. Also, limiting running to 4 mi/day and beginning strength training. 🤖

Today is my first day of leaving the house to go to work while weighing less than 180 pounds. I’m down 78 pounds since October and three pounds away from my goal of 175. Happy Friday. 🏃

So, I bought an Oculus Go. This will be my first official VR purchase outside of Google Cardboard. Picking it up this afternoon.

My work vehicle was broken into this weekend. Smash and grab. They smashed the passenger window and grabbed…

…my lunchbox. It had trash in it.

To earn this Apple Watch Workouts badge, I needed to do at least 51 workouts that were at least 15 minutes each. Problem is, I usually run for longer than 15 minutes, usually at least 30 minutes. So, I had to break up all of these runs/walks into 15 minutes chunks.

Got it. 🏃


It's been two months since I started my new gig at work and changing my sleep patterns is proving to be the most difficult thing pull off. I still wake up naturally at 3:30am as I did for twenty years. Getting those two extra hours of sleep and waking up at 5:30am would be nice.

I took the evening off from running yesterday. I still ran two miles in the morning, but my right heel is sore due to improper technique (left foot is ok). This morning on the treadmill, I forced myself to run more on my toes than the middle of my foot and wow, what a difference.

I'm in the market for a new camping tent. Backstory: I'm an Eagle Scout, but haven't camped since 1996. My instinct says to buy a nice bag for spring camping with a thick ground pad and sleep under the stars. But, I also want to geek out on rad 2018 tent tech. Where do I begin?!