Well, I am finally at the point where I've ditched both the iPad and Chromebook for use at work and started using my 15" MacBook Pro. The iPad needs a trackpad to work with Google Sheets, and the Chromebook is too damn slow. So, so tempted to buy a MacBook Air on sale for $699.

Feeling super duper unmotivated to run this morning. Been watching YouTube videos all morning and had a giant bowl of cereal. Been a great morning, but I really need to get out there.

In an effort to use my Apple Pencil more and get more into sketching, I decided to start tracing photos using the Linea app for iPad. This took about 10 minutes.


I'm still so amazed at how easy it is to record, import, edit, and export videos these days compared to 10 years ago. So fast and easy.

Feeling great today. Yesterday was my longest cumulative run yet at 7.2 miles (2mi in the morning and 5.2mi in the afternoon). Never thought I’d be at this level when I started running six months ago. Yesterday was also a really productive day, overall. Let's do it again today!

I think I’m going back to an immersion chiller instead of a plate chiller when I start brewing again. The plate chiller is a bit of a hassle to ensure that it’s sanitized, and the beer stands at >180° for far too long while it’s being transferred to the fermentor. Also, immersion chillers are way easier to clean and sanitize, and I can eliminate a few steps and pumps in the process. 🍻