I committed to running every day this month, but decided to take today off. Yesterday’s run was not fun at all, and I could feel my legs giving out at just one mile in. Rest days are necessary. Looking forward to another 5K tomorrow.

I feel really good about cancelling Adobe Creative Cloud Suite in leu of the iPhone Upgrade plan and Photoshop/Lightroom Plan. That said, I’d gladly tack on Audition for $5/mo. This “all or nothing” approach by Adobe kinda sucks, even though I get why they’re doing it.

Took the day off from work. My day:

  • ran a 5K
  • played Rocket League on Twitch for an hour
  • saw Mission Impossible: Fallout (it was great!)
  • went grocery shopping
  • Rocket League again...
  • tacos

It was a good day.


I posted this on Facebook this morning and am considering participating. Here’s the post:

I’m considering this. I still have twitter friends, but twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, is complicit with Trump and cares not about the spread of hate on his platform. It’s tough for me. I love twitter and have met so many great people that have in ways, literally changed my life. Sad it’s come to this.

That being said, I’m on micro.blog now. I own my content and they have strict, well-defined community guidelines. I encourage you to sign up. I’m able to answer any questions you might have about the service.


I am so happy with the state of my podcasting studio at the moment. I can podcast live with 6-8 ppl, take live Skype calls, and record YouTube videos (streaming and recorded) with ease. On top of that, I can stream XBox, Switch, or NES Classic on Twitch/YT on the fly. I love it.

Today has been 100% anxiety driven. I’m being quite productive, but the catalyst for that productivity is just the worst.

I’ve committed to running five miles before beer fests that I attend for a while, now. The last five or six fests, I think. It’s called “The Beer Fest Five.” Today is the Pils & Love fest. I don’t want to run five miles, and I’m justifying it because Pilsner is lighter on calories and carbs than most other beer styles. Yeah, that makes sense. I don’t need to run today!

...I’m still gonna run, though.

Watching Dead Poets Society. I get wrapped up in a scene, then think, “fuckin rich, white dudes.” Time and time again. Then I think, “these dudes might now be supporting a kleptocrat that’s President.” Then there’s Robin Williams. Brilliant acting. Conflicted. Fuckin white dudes.

I would’ve really loved to stay in bed this morning and take the day off. While it’s still hot in SoCal, there’s a bit of rain and overcast happening. It’s dark and cozy. Bed weather.

I decided to take the week off from running to let my leg/nerve issue get better and it’s been helping a lot. I’m still actively closing my Apple Watch rings everyday, simply because I’m so active at work. Gonna go on my first run tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

I’ve made two IGTV videos for the @fourbrewers IG account, and I’m into it. What’s annoying me about the app the most so far is auto-play video. Arg! Also, brands shouldn’t just crop their 16:9 video to portrait. Create and don’t be lazy.

I need to go for a run. I've been out of it for a few weeks due to my foot issues. I ran two miles yesterday and really enjoyed it, even though my foot didn't.

After doing a few live streams on twitch, I totally understand the appeal of both streaming live and watching live streaming gaming. It's cool having an audience and it motivates you to try harder to play better for them. It's fun.

I missed my move goal yesterday by 1 calorie and broke my 175 day streak. My own fault for playing video games all day, I guess.

Cute With Chris was one of the earliest video podcasts I ever got into. His show was ahead of its time and so damn funny.


Spent the entire day moving the podcast video and audio streaming setup to the 2008 Mac Pro. I was using my MacBook Pro and iMac to stream everything, thus cluttering my podcast space. Now, it’s just this. 🙏