Finally, Apple Pay Will Be Accepted in Target Retail Stores

Apple Pay Rolling Out at Target, Taco Bell, and Jack in the Box Across the U.S. in Coming Weeks

Joe Rossignol at

Apple Pay is in the process of rolling out in Target stores across the United States and will be available at all of the retailer's 1,850 locations nationwide in the coming weeks.

While it [Target] has accepted Apple Pay in its app for quite some time, Target was one of the biggest Apple Pay holdouts in terms of its stores.

Target was one of the first big stores to come out against Apple Pay in their retail stores. My local, family-owned food market has accepted Apple Pay for years and it was quite annoying that a company as big as Target would not adopt Apple Pay, even though their terminals were NFC compliant when Apple Pay was introduced. It took a few years, but I’m happy to see that Apple Pay has become so normalized that even Target capitulated.

Quick Thoughts on the Love Loud Documentary

I just watched the documentary from Dan of Imagine Dragons about his Mormon LGBTQ fest, Love Loud and I’m conflicted. On one hand, I applaud the effort and cause. On the other, knowing that this very popular band has a singer that is a devout Mormon who likely gives massive amounts of money through tithing to an organization that is so oppressive and against so much of what I believe, gives me pause, and makes me rethink how I feel about Imagine Dragons and this documentary.

What's really messed up about this situation, and especially the story of the singer of Neon Trees coming out as homosexual, is that their lives are all about the church, its culture, and family bonds within the church, which is completely understandable. They absolutely love the church that at the same time, shuns them if they're LGBTQ. It’s so contradictory, but their love of the church and its community runs deep.

It was strange to watch as an outsider of the church. I was moved by many aspects of the documentary, but there was always an asterisk associated with those moving moments.

I'm not trying to comment on the church and their stance (ok, I am—it's wrong), I'm just saying that while I applaud the effort of the Love Loud fest, I still feel uneasy about supporting its inherently flawed cause.

Also, this post was basically five minutes of brain dump. Don't be offended. I love you.

Word Of The Day: Dorsiflexing.

Well, it looks like it’ll be a little bit longer before I’m running again. My right leg is having issues—I'm thinking I have mild Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) and lactic acid build up in my calf and in the same muscle on the front of my leg that I’ve been having pain issues with since I first started running. That front leg muscle is responsible for dorsiflexing (lifting the toes and front of foot). I can’t lift the front part of my foot as high as the other. Also, I can’t put my body weight on my heel while lifting the front of my foot, as it just falls flat when I try. I can feel the muscle struggling and it feels weak. My focus for the next few weeks is fixing my bum leg and foot.

Yvonne bought me a vibrating massager for my birthday specifically for these issues and I used it for 20 minutes tonight, absolutely crushing my calf and front leg muscles. It was pretty painful, but it already made a difference—big difference. Way more progress than foam rolling the muscles.

I also need different work shoes. My Red Wing heavy-duty construction boots just wont cut it anymore. I’m walking so much more at work while at the same time, doing less intensive physical labor, and the flat soles of my boots are really affecting my leg. So, I’m in the market for some athletic shoes that have leather uppers, safety toes, slip resistant soles, and are EH rated (these are requirements of my employer). I found a couple of options online, but I really need to try some on in person.

Finally, it looks like I’ll be getting into biking, probably outdoor, maybe indoor, maybe both. The impact on my legs from running 30 miles per week is too much right now. I think I can still run a couple of miles a day once I recover, but I most definitely need to mix it up. I haven't really ran since last Thursday or done any cardio, for that matter (outside of a couple of rowing sessions and a brief run on the treadmill), and luckily, I’m maintaining my weight loss. But, I need to exercise. So, bike riding it is. I’m looking forward to it.

Luckily, this all happened at the end of my weight loss journey, but I still want (need) to run, and I will run once I’m better. I have goals I want to attain, so hopefully this leg issue will be resolved in a timely manner.