Finally, Apple Pay Will Be Accepted in Target Retail Stores

Apple Pay Rolling Out at Target, Taco Bell, and Jack in the Box Across the U.S. in Coming Weeks

Joe Rossignol at

Apple Pay is in the process of rolling out in Target stores across the United States and will be available at all of the retailer's 1,850 locations nationwide in the coming weeks.

While it [Target] has accepted Apple Pay in its app for quite some time, Target was one of the biggest Apple Pay holdouts in terms of its stores.

Target was one of the first big stores to come out against Apple Pay in their retail stores. My local, family-owned food market has accepted Apple Pay for years and it was quite annoying that a company as big as Target would not adopt Apple Pay, even though their terminals were NFC compliant when Apple Pay was introduced. It took a few years, but Iā€™m happy to see that Apple Pay has become so normalized that even Target capitulated.