Hey, There. I'm John. I am a homebrewer.

As many may or moy not know, I've currently been obsessed with homebrewing beer. My involvment with New Brew Thursday kind of kicked off this obsession. So, I decided to make my blog (that's been here on the interwebs for quite a while now) focused on homebrewing. I know there are many AWESOME homebrewing blogs out there (ie. The Mad Fermentationist), and like many other homebrewing blogs out there, I'm doing this as a means to keep record of my brews and to give others insight as to how I brew, which will hopefully help them, or make them want to help me. ;)

I may post other things here and there relating to other topics, but I'm pretty lazy with this whole blogging thing. So, we'll see how goes...

My first post will actually not even be about beer—it will be about my first homemade white wine. Sounds like an appropriate way to kick off a homebrew beer blog, right?!