Mikkeller Launches Their Own Fitness Apparel Brand

Mikkeller Brewing’s new running apparel brand is named Final Gravity.

From Final Gravity:

Hi, we are Final Gravity.

We unite first-time athletes with elite runners, beer lovers with fashion addicts, hedonists with control freaks. All ready to do their best, make a difference, run together or on their own, give their all and - above all - have a good time.

Final Gravity is an independent running apparel brand created by the microbrewery Mikkeller and designers Femmes Régionales. What might seem like an unusual partnership is tied together by a diverse and inclusive mind-set, a passion for running, sharp aesthetics and attention to details.

Call me a fanboy, but I think this is really cool. Mikkeller isn’t the first brewery to make their own fitness apparel (many breweries make their own branded kits for cyclists), but Mikkeller Brewing is definitely the most popular brewery associated with running, with their self-branded running club, Mikkeller Running Club.

I’m a runner, I’m into fitness brands, and I love craft beer, so... #TakeMyMoney, Mikkeller.

Update — 1-24-19: They aren't shipping to the United States. #sad