Quick Thoughts on IGTV

I’m not sure what exactly I like about making videos for IGTV. They’re just like any other video, except they’re vertical, and that’s really it. I’ve learned that the first 5 seconds of the video need to be more “animated” to grab attention, so I’m playing with the beginnings of the video, which will likely also change how I make standard 16:9 videos. I still get far more attention and engagement on YouTube as far as I can tell.

Very few users that I follow who post to IGTV actually produce completely vertical video, which I suppose is fine, but making a viewer turn their phone to landscape orientation takes away from the challenge of making vertical video and completely undermines the core of Instagram and IGTV, which is all vertical everything.

Anyway, these videos are fun and easy to make, so I’m sticking with it for now. We (Four Brewers) do pick up new followers with every new video posted, so it isn’t a total waste of effort, and I think they make us stand out a bit more on Instagram when compared to other beer related accounts. That said, check out my latest video!