Sometimes, I'm a Lazy, Shitty Photographer...

...but that doesn't mean the photos are shitty.

More often than not, Camera RAW photos that are processed in Adobe Lightroom can look great. This obviously isn't true for every photo, but for the most part, amazing results can be achieved with five minutes of work in Lightroom.

This photo is a before and after of a [delicious] beer from Bottle Logic Brewing. It was poorly lit and the white balance was manually configured for a higher temperature value from a previous photo shoot. Honestly, I didn’t put much thought into it. I grabbed my Canon 5D Mark III and snapped a few photos.

Before and after processing in Adobe Lightroom.

Before and after processing in Adobe Lightroom.

But, the bones of the photo are there—the photo is in focus and has decent composition.

My point is this: if you take a photo that on the surface looks like shit, but might be good enough to be a better photo after post-processing, go for it. Give it a shot! TRY. This photo might not win me an award, but it will most definitely get a few hearts on Instagram.