First day in the service department. Left the house at 7:10am after a 3 mile run and breakfast with my girlfriend. Left last job at 4:45pm and my drive home was 25 minutes. I’m home 45 minutes later than usual. Time gone, door to door went from 12+ hours to <10. Now a 2 mile run.

Follow up commentary: Contrast this with getting up at 3:30am, leaving by 4:10am, eating breakfast on the way to work, driving 1 hour+ on the 91 fwy (sometimes paying tolls in the morning and definitely in the afternoon) to be at work by 5:15am, sleeping in my truck until 6am, off work at 2:30pm, home by 4pm, then running 3-4 miles after work.

This new schedule and job aren’t perfect and come with their own sets of issues, but they fit my current lifestyle very well and allow more personal time, FAR less personal road time, a shorter overall work day, a change of scenery, more time to exercise, and more time with Yvonne and the pets.