I suppose this is a good problem to have?

I need to buy new clothes. My wardrobe literally doesn't fit me anymore because everything is too big. I went through my closet this morning and picked out 30 shirts to donate to Goodwill. None of my work uniforms fit. They're so big that I need to tighten my belt (on which I have keys and a small tool pouch with a flashlight) to the point where it hurts my skin around my now, smaller hips, and yet they still fall down from the weight of my heavy Carhartt pants. All of my pants, for that matter, fall down unless I wear a belt. Shirts, underwear, and even older socks are now too big.

I don't want this post to sound like I'm complaining. I've just never really had to deal with an issue like this before.

I've started with buying Fruit Of The Loom colored tees from Target that are $5 each (and fit very well, I might add), only because they might be a bit too big in a month or two when I hit my final weight goal. Pants are different, though. They can be costly, and throwing them out in a month isn't ideal.

Uniforms are in a different realm. My company pays for them through the uniform supply company, Cintas, and I can only order twice per year. I made an order in December for shirts and pants that are one size smaller than I used wear, but I fear those will now be too big when I finally get them.

This is a weird transitional time in my life and this clothing issue makes it all the more weird. I think the solution is to buy cheaper clothes for the time being until I stabilize my weight and settle in to my new body.